Drink Spiking Awareness Course

Course duration: 3 hours

Cost: £120 per person

* To achieve accredited venue status you must have at least 2 members of staff trained.

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Workplace Drink Spiking Awareness Course (BIIAB)

Workplace Drink Spiking Awareness Course (BIIAB)

Course Duration

3 hours

Course Fee

£120 per person

Qualification Overview

Our main objective with this training course is to train as many front-line workers such as bar and security staff as possible, in order to raise awareness about drink spiking amongst venues, ensuring staff know what they can do to help victims, and minimising the frequency of this horrendous crime in our society. Successful completion of this course will enable your venue to achieve ‘Drink Spiking Aware’ accreditation* – a minimum of 2 staff per venue have to be trained to achieve this.

How long will it take?

To complete this qualification learners are expected to undertake approximately 2-3 hours of learning. Stamp Out spiking stipulate that you MUST complete your workbook within the duration of the course, and hand it in for assessment at the end. You will be required to engage in a group discussion with other attendees during the course additionally. There will be information provided to you at the end of the course for you to utilise to create a venue-specific Policy and action plan to tackle drink spiking.

Entry Requirements

To register for this qualification, learners should ideally be employed in some capacity working in a licensed premise or similar venue where the sale of alcohol is licensed. There are no legal requirements for entry onto this course, however, you may be asked what your role is within the organisation for whom you work. This course is generally designed for Venue management, Bar staff, Security Staff and any other front line workers.

Topics covered

These include the following topics:

  • What is drink spiking?
  • What substances do people use to spike drinks?
  • What are the symptoms of Drink Spiking?
  • Consequences of drink spiking on victims and businesses?
  • What can venues do to safeguard against drink spiking?
  • And what actions can be taken if you are made aware of a victim?

How the qualification is assessed

This qualification is assessed by participation in group discussion, engaging with classmates and course tutor and successfully completing the Stamp Out Spiking workbook provided, which is then submitted for IQA assessment.

You will also be required to complete a venue-specific policy for tackling drink spiking, along with an action plan. This information shall be provided to you during the course to facilitate creating this policy, and your course tutor can provide advice.

ID Requirements

Whilst there are no legal formal Identification requirements, as a training centre, we ask that candidates provide some form of photographic ID, preferably a Passport or Driving License.

For further information

If you have any questions, need to clarify or have any other information please contact us on 01273 621323 (option 4). Alternatively, you can email us at training@pagodasecurity.co.uk where one of our trainers will then personally handle your enquiry.