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Handcuffing Course

Course Fee: £65 per person

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Course Overview

Guidance on the use of handcuffs by private security operatives is hard to find and often coloured by the person or authority expressing their opinion. Below is an extract from a Government response to a request for the right to carry handcuffs, which explains the present situation: –
‘The use of handcuffs is not part of the SIA approved training, nor does the SIA currently approve any handcuff training specification. SIA-approved training focuses on conflict management and conflict resolution. The SIA has told us that it understands that it is not illegal for those in the private security industry to use handcuffs to restrain members of the public where this is justified and they use only reasonable force.

Whilst the SIA is aware of concerns about misuse, there are also arguments in favour of properly trained operatives using handcuffs, in the right circumstances, to reduce risks and injuries to both the restrainers and the restrained. However, those using handcuffs, or any other equipment, need to ensure that they are fully aware of their legal position and that misuse could result in litigation against them and /or their employers.’

In short, it is possible for private security staff to carry and use handcuffs, but this should be properly controlled failing which criminal or civil proceedings may follow impacting on both the individual and employer. For this reason, in addition to ensuring staff are appropriately trained, it is essential that ‘strict rules of engagement’ are provided in the form of a policy, adequate insurance is in place and equipment is fit for purpose and suitably maintained.

There are two entry requirements for this course, that the candidate is reasonably proficient in written and spoken English and that they are physically able to undertake the training (for further clarification please contact us). However, it is strongly recommended that candidates have passed a SIA licence linked course or have a reasonable understanding of the law in relation to the use of force and citizen’s powers of arrest, as the course content and duration does not allow for a full explanation of these, just their relevance to the use of handcuffs.

Please note that the cost of this course includes training, reference materials, assessment and certification, but does not include the supply of handcuffs, to keep the cost of the course down and as employers may wish to select the type of handcuffs supplied/used. We are able to offer semi-rigid handcuffs for sale at a cost of £45.

Qualification Overview – Duration 1 Day
This qualification is aimed at learners experienced at working in the security industry that is identified. It will equip learners with the necessary legal knowledge as to limitations of the use of handcuffs, as well as demonstrating their competence at safely applying and removing handcuffs. Learners must pass two assessments to obtain the certificate of competence, a written assessment on the theory and a practical demonstration.

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Handcuffing Course £65

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